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One of my biggest goals with this Blog (besides showing off my amazing couples), is to help future brides who are embarking on their wedding planning journey. Whether that is by educating them on different aspects of their wedding photography experience, or in this case, by introducing another option for creating their wedding invitation.

I had been introduced recently to Basic Invite – a stationary company specializing in wedding invitations. Basic Invite makes creating your invitation super simple and enjoyable. When I was checking out their website for the first time, I could tell instantly how easy it would be for me to get swept up in all that they have available. I’m the type of person that wants to see all of my choices before choosing the right one, and being able to quickly click through all of the customization options was such a nice feature. For the future bride who wants the process of creating her wedding invitations to be affordable & simple, yet have so many options to choose from.. I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Wedding Invitation Customization

When I say, you could spend hours going through all of the options available to you…I’m not lying. These invitations are able to be entirely customized to you and the vision of your wedding day. Choose between one of their many templates, or start from scratch and upload your own design! Sort through their selection by size, color, orientation, photo qty, etc., to find the invitations that stand out to you. Once you choose the invitation you would like to start with, the possibilities are endless. Editing your invitation is the best part! Spend some time playing around with their site and you’ll see what I mean. From customizing the color of a single word, to changing the text alignment and letter spacing, you can make these invitations exactly what you’ve been visioning. (To go along with that Pinterest board of wedding day details we all know you have)

After you go through the process of creating that dream invitation, the matching pieces in your full invitation suite show up as well. Choose from 40 different colors for your envelopes (which are peel & seal…you can thank them for that later), and take advantage of their free address collection service. Collect your guests’ addresses by simply sharing a link, have them fill out their info, and you get free envelope printing!

Almost Unlimited Colors

One major goal of creating invitations, is to have them match the aesthetic of the rest of your wedding day. With Basic Invite’s availability of over 180 different colors to choose from, and the fact that you can change each individual element of your invitation, achieving that goal is simple. They even have clear invitations, which I thought was such a beautiful idea! (Clear invitations with foil lettering? Um.. yes please!)

Custom Samples

Now obviously you’re going to want to order a sample of the invitation you’ve creating before investing completely. With some sites I’ve visited, I’ve noticed that you can only order the generic sample, to basically see if you like the paper quality. This company is different. They allow you to receive a sample of the customized invitation that you’ve personally created, so that you can make sure it is perfect before ordering.

Engagement Dinner Invitations

Now what if you don’t want to wait until the wedding day to celebrate?? Basic Invite has a whole collection you can choose from to create an engagement dinner invitation. This is such a fun idea! Get your family and friends together to celebrate your new engagement! These invitations are also fully customizable just as the wedding invitations are! They make it so simple for your entire invitation suite to be completely coordinated.

Free Wedding Websites

One last thing I’d like to touch on, is the free wedding websites that Basic Invite offers. Like everything else I’ve mentioned, they are fully customizable and super simple to use. (Are you sensing a theme here?) They’re mobile friendly, which is basically a must nowadays, and you can design them to match your wedding invitation suite as well! In my opinion, all couples need a wedding website in today’s world. It’s the easiest way to keep all of your wedding information together, for your guests to refer back to for things like directions, the gift registry, hotel accommodations, etc.

If you end up trying this company out, I’d love to hear what you think, and see what you chose! I hope that some of you may find this post helpful in your search for the perfect wedding invitations, and I plan to bring more informational blog posts to you in the future! To reach out with questions, or for wedding photography inquiries, head over to my contact page, and send me an email. Thanks for reading!

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