Surprise Engagement Session | Christina & Billy

Don’t you just LOVE a good proposal story?? Maybe I’m a bit biased because I’m a wedding photographer but I really do love hearing them, and I’m so excited to be sharing one that I got to be a part of! Christina is my cousin and we actually grew up living right next door to each other! You’d probably guess that we saw each other quite a bit, and we did! I never would have guessed when we were younger that I would be sharing this story, but I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of this giant milestone in her life!

It all started when I had reached out to Christina to see if her and Billy would be willing to help me out in exchange for some free photos. I wanted to do a couples session with them to get some practice with new things I’ve been learning. I’d been wanting to do a session on a farm and when I told Christina, she said we could do it on Billy’s grandparents’ property. A while back, I had found out that Billy’s grandparents actually lived across the street from my grandparents in Sanborn! So when Christina said we could do the session there I already knew it would be perfect. During the session Billy’s grandparents had invited us in and I found out that our families had actually known each other when they were younger! I guess that’s to be expected since they lived so close, but it’s still crazy to me to think about how things work out. 

We set the date for the session and had planned to do it during sunset. (It’s all about that sunset glow 😉 ) Then I got a message from Billy the morning before we were supposed to take the pictures. I definitely got the feeling something was up when he started by asking if we could switch the time to earlier in the day. When you’re the type of photographer I am and you hear someone wants to do pictures in harsh sunlight, you kind of cringe a little…but when he told me the reason I was all for it! He had asked me if it was okay to bring a RING FOR CHRISTINA!!! I freaked out instantly. Christina was just telling me weeks before that she may be coming to me for engagement pictures soon, but I don’t think she thought it would be this soon! So we changed the time to sunrise because that’s the next best time for getting some glow in photos, and we talked about how he wanted it to look, and how I would signal him I was all set to capture the proposal! Now the problem was that I had to be the one to ask Christina if it was okay to change the session to sunrise, meaning we’d have to meet at 5:30am! I was so nervous about this because I am not a morning person, and asking someone to get up early for me on their day off from work is not something I ever want to do! Especially when I had no really good reason! Luckily she didn’t give me grief about it, and just said she’d have to check with Billy but didn’t think he could do that. Little did she know, that he was the one who had requested the time be switched so that her dad would be awake for the news!

The morning of the session I just had to focus on acting like I knew nothing, and I’m proud of myself for not accidentally spilling it somehow! I was so careful to not accidentally give Billy the signal before it was time, but I knew I had to do it as soon as I got enough light because I didn’t want to keep him waiting for too long. So the sun started to rise, we captured an epic sunrise silhouette photo, and then we walked over to the pre-planned spot! One of my favorite images is the one I got of Christina looking at me shocked when she started to realize something was happening.. priceless! Then after he popped the question and she said yes, we got to do some REAL engagement photos! I am so impressed that Billy actually thought to set this up without Christina having to hint at it! I am also so grateful that he allowed me to be the one to capture this moment for them!

Congratulations Christina & Billy!! Enjoy this season of your lives together, and I’m looking forward to seeing the wedding that you two plan, because I know it will be awesome!!

Their last photo before becoming engaged…

That face! I love it!

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